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GT Medicare manufacture a robust, but light-weight aluminium AED outdoor wall cabinet.  The corrosion resistant materials provide optimum protection.   The SixCase 1300 series presents a unique design and is suitable to store all common defibrillators.

The SixCase SC1330 is equipped with a 24V heating element, active ventilation and a polycarbonate impact-proof window.  On operation of the red emergency button, the lower section is released and the AED can be easily removed.  We believe that in the case of an emergency, the defibrillator should be available instantly, without the need to initiate any second step, and the SixCase design allows immediate access to the AED, which on release is lowered by the use of gravity.  The SixCase should be connected to 230V power supply, and the enclosed adapter can convert to 24V.  The SC1340 offers similar design, but is operated by a touchscreen code, rather than a push button.

GT Medicare philosophy is to develop innovative and durable products, which add a substantial value to its environment. Currently they produce cabinets made from stainless steel (SC1400 Series) and aluminium (SC1300 Series). Both materials are corrosion resistant and finished with an additional protective coating. Cabinets can be painted and branded according to the corporate identity.

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